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July 20, 2007

Wikitect exists!


Ward Cunningham emailed me to tell me that he had already built a tool that met many of the important characteristics suggested in my spec.

He calls it wikitect.

Wikitect would seem to meet and even exceed my ambitions - even to the extent of '.dot' coded export!

I am immensely excited to think that it exists already - my best hope was that I could get some sort of open source project started - and as a non-programmer I was unsure that I would be well placed to push such a project along...

I would be very interested indeed to learn more about wikitect.

As the earlier email suggested, the original inspiration for this tool came from the desire to do something equivalent to the 'Oregon Experiment' [] for the policies and practices of the small, alternative school we are starting - keeping these alive, rationally argued, and open to democratic intervention, rather than in a file cabinet, gathering dust - a 'Living Plan' . This could conceivably be a test-bed for learning how to use wikitect.

However, the real ambition is to have such a tool become accepted on the widest possible basis. This would sound crazy - except that wiki has already done it (I'm not just talking about wikipedia - wiki farms too - our school website is at

I don't know exactly where forward is, at the moment - is wikitect in a working state? If not, how could it get to be so? I'm sure you have many claims on your time. What resources would be required? There exists the possibility that a charitable/activist foundation might be formed to promote the use and development of such a tool.

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